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Villeneuve Trestle

The historic Villeneuve highway trestle bridge.

Villeneuve Trestle

The Villeneuve Trestle along the Sturgeon River offers kayakers a scenic and enjoyable paddling experience. This area features a mix of natural beauty and historical interest, with the trestle serving as a striking landmark along the river. As you paddle through the tranquil waters, you'll be surrounded by lush vegetation and may encounter a variety of wildlife. 

The Sturgeon River is generally calm and suitable for paddlers of various skill levels, making it an accessible and pleasant destination. As you approach the trestle, you'll be treated to picturesque views and an opportunity to appreciate the engineering and history of the structure. 

When paddling in this area, it's important to be mindful of safety and navigation, especially when passing under the trestle. Additionally, be sure to practice responsible paddling habits to preserve the natural environment and avoid disturbing wildlife.

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