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asked questions

A collection of frequently asked questions, if you complete this list and still have questions feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email! 

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a few notes

A few things to keep in mind as we enjoy our waterways and help to preserve wildlife for generations to come.

Call 911 if someone is seriously injured or in danger while renting our equipment. 

Please Stay off of Private Property along all routes.

 Keep things secure to ensure no lost items  

Your Vehicles are safe however Lock Vehicles in The Parking Area and don't leave any valuable items

The Sturgeon River is a lot stronger than it looks and the current may catch some by surprise.

Big Lake can also get quite deep and cold especially early in the season 

All routes and the environment around them should be treated with respect

Big Lake and the surrounding wetlands are home to many different species of wildlife, Please no Littering!

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