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Cunningham Bridge

Experience the Sturgeon River before it flows into Big Lake!

Cunningham Bridge

The Cunningham Bridge over the Sturgeon River offers another captivating paddling experience for kayakers. As you navigate the river, the bridge provides a noteworthy landmark and a glimpse into the region's infrastructure. The area surrounding the bridge is known for its serene waters, making it a suitable spot for paddlers of all experience levels. 

While paddling through this stretch of the Sturgeon River, you'll enjoy the natural scenery, which includes a mix of greenery and wildlife along the riverbanks. The calm waters provide an opportunity to take in the sights at a leisurely pace and fully appreciate the tranquil environment. 

As you approach Cunningham Bridge, exercise caution and be aware of any potential obstacles, such as debris or changing water levels, that may be present near the bridge. Additionally, practice responsible paddling habits to protect the river's natural beauty and ecosystem. 

Overall, the Cunningham Bridge area along the Sturgeon River is a peaceful and picturesque paddling destination that offers a relaxing experience amidst nature. 

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