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Where to launch a Kayak/Canoe/SUP in St. Albert!

There are currently a few entry options to paddle the Sturgeon/Big Lake! Explore this curious River early in the Season for the best experience with friends and family.

Riel Recreation Park Boat Launch ( Taken in the Spring )

There are 3 options for "official" boat launches in St. Albert : Riel Recreation Park, Mission and Kingswood (coming soon)!

Riel Recreation Park

Located at 2 Muir Drive on the West Side of St. Albert and the East Side of Big Lake, is the Riel Recreation Park Boat Launch. Drive Past the Kinsmen RV Park and Park at the end of the loop. Walk past the BLESS Log Cabin and you will see an Aluminum Dock on the waters edge with a small dirt area around the entrance. This is the Main access point to Big Lake and the Sturgeon River. This Boat Launch can get busy on Evenings and Weekends and parking can be difficult!


Celebration Garden Kayak Launch is located in the Parking lot beside Chateau Mission Court across the River from St. Albert Place. Parking in this space is not suitable for trailers however it provides access to the Sturgeon River in the heart of St. Albert. Paddle East towards the Sturgeon Golf Course or West to Big Lake. This Boat launch can be often overgrown and difficult to enter/exit depending on water height!


Work on the project is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2022, with procurement and installation scheduled for later in the summer.

Kingswood Park is located on the East Side of St. Albert along Sir Winston Churchill Ave. Only time will tell what this boat launch will look like! The parking area has plenty of space for vehicles and a small portage to the water. This Launch will provide access further downriver in St. Albert allowing you to explore towards Sturgeon County or upriver through St. Albert.

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